52 Week Project – becoming a better photographer

I’m thinking I’ll start off 2011 by actively working towards my new year resolutions… well at least one of them.  The photography one.  I love taking pictures.  I love it so much it often obscures other parts of my life.  More notably, I find if I get out of practice and the photos aren’t exposing like I want I find that I get fussy.  Then maybe I get in a rut – you know, put the camera down and think it’s really just the equipment taking poor pictures – not me, oh no.  So here’s to staying on course in 2011.

It’s so easy to get stuck in the rut of only shooting when you feel like it. Therefore, it’s important to continue through those times when inspiration isn’t ringing your bell. Here’s my attempt at doing that this year.

So, here’s a link to a nice 52 week project that’s being mentored by a wise and technically strong photographer – Don Giannatti.

Here’s the link to the Lighting Essentials 52 week project: http://www.lighting-essentials.com/52-a-project-for-photographers-assignments-discussions-critiques-and-portfolio-building-assignment-number-1/#more-4360

I’ve very excited about it as I skim through the early assignments.  You’ll find a “52” category on my assignments for this course.  Mission and vision first – great first step Don!  I hope you join in too!

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