Leaves of … well, not grass

One of the most original photography/nature posts I’ve seen in a while. Please enjoy this NYTimes Abstract City post – and please enjoy nature too!

Here’s a favorite sample from the post.

… and one more that’s a bit more, ethereal.

This project uses a simple, wonderfully powerful photography setup. Possibly this project was completed in a home-made $2 lightbox. (see here for a simple home lightbox setup from DIY photography)  In all reality, these images could be shot with a $100 point and shoot camera.  No ask yourself this – would you frame and hang these – hell yes, I say.

I never cease to be amazed by how simple some of these professional setups are.  Many don’t require much more than existing materials that you were probably going to recycle, some tape/glue, and some elbow grease.  How cool.  Certainly, the accessibility of cheap light modifiers really helps bring creative photography to the masses.  A creative mind will always go much farther than the thick wallet.

Here’s one of my favorite personal leaf photos: a fig leaf from the backyard.

Thanks for the link Ryan!

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